The Floreals are the absolute showpieces of our cultivation. These varieties boast all the qualities that we strive for in our cut-flower breeding programs!


Floreals are characterized by plant proportions and special variety features. These varieties are 110 to 130 cm tall, making them easy to pick and process. The Floreals have a heft to them, large flowers, and a great vase life. The stems are 50% spike or more, and the short leaf ensures that even the lower buds are visible when staged for sale. All these benefits are reflected in the pricing of these varieties; in terms of positioning, the Floreals are at the top end in most markets.

Unique growing characteristics and high yield
The Floreals also distinguish themselves with their growing properties. Not only are they 2 to 3 weeks faster than other varieties, but they also ripen uniformly and enable efficient picking and processing thanks to their short length. Plus the Floreals stand out in terms of loss and mixing. Out of the more than 200 varieties in our assortment, these are the varieties that produce the most salable flowers.

  • High efficiency: very efficient thanks to length, short forcing time, and uniform ripening of buds
  • High ornamental value: sturdy stem, lots of colors, large flowers, long spikes, and great vase life 
  • High yield: highest percentage of saleable flowers out of 100 bulbs on the market