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Unique salmon color
Bee magnet
XXL flowers
First of all, Sweet Chrystal is an innovation: it is among the first cut Flamencos varieties, plus it’s white – a premiere in the flower market. Sweet Chrystal is also part of the Floreals product group. This group consists of varieties with large spikes (more than 50% of the stem is made up of spike), a compact length, and slim leaves below the lowermost bud. These varieties are also selected for vase life. In production, gladioli from the Floreals group are efficient and productive, thanks to a relatively short forcing time, uniform flowering, and a low loss percentage. Sweet Chrystal is resistant to disease, heat, and bright sunlight. The photos of this variety will be supplemented and improved next summer with the flowers from our show garden for a clearer and more beautiful image.


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Product group Monocolor
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Color Pink
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Stem length Long
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Forcing time Medium
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Flower size XXL
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Bulb size available 6-8, 8-10, 10-12, 12-14, 14+