Have you ever seen a Flamenco dancer’s dress fanning out to the rhythm? That’s what you’ll be reminded of when you see our Flamencos. The wavy-edged flowers seem to dance and undulate. When you touch the petals, so reminiscent of the delicate fabric of a dancer’s dress, you’ll find them considerably thicker than a normal gladiolus petal.

Special place
This group of gladioli deserves a special spot in your garden. The flowers boast a graceful shape and colors that are soft and gentle. You’ll also notice the texture of the petals: Flamencos petals are thicker than those of other gladioli and look ever so slightly fuzzy. You won’t be able to resist touching them! An exceptionally beautiful gladiolus for those sultry summer evenings.

Buzzing summer
Flamencos are incredibly attractive to bees. Your garden will be abuzz with these helpful insects all summer long!

  • Exceptional style: fringed flowers with wavy edges and exceptionally sturdy petals
  • Elegance and passion: a flower that combines elegance with rousing Flamenco vibes
  • Varieties and bulbs you can rely on: varieties are selected based on growing demands, and growing and delivering the best bulbs is what we do