Have you ever seen a Flamenco dancer’s dress fanning out to the rhythm? That’s what you’ll be reminded of when you see our Flamencos. The wavy-edged flowers seem to dance and undulate When you touch the petals, so reminiscent of the delicate fabric of a dancer’s dress, you’ll find them considerably thicker than a normal gladiolus petal.

A world premiere
As cut flowers, Flamencos are a new kid on the block. Our breeders have recently developed varieties of this dry-sale item that are also perfect for sale as cut flowers. In the summer of 2023, we’re introducing this group in Northwestern Europe with our GLADZ growers. Flower growers abroad will be able to buy bulbs from the 2023 harvest.

Success in the flower market
It’s not always easy to stand out in the flower market, due to the plethora of choices available to buyers. What we’ve noticed, however, is that successful growers try and go the extra mile with their gladioli, so they can stay ahead of the competition. It all starts with offering something different from your competitors and sparking interest from the market. In designing the Flamencos group, we’ve aimed to help you stand out and generate valuable extra revenue. If you ever need our help, in the way of product images, logos, or anything else, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

  • Exceptional style: fringed flowers with wavy edges and exceptionally sturdy petals
  • Elegance and passion: a flower that combines elegance with rousing Flamenco vibes
  • Varieties and bulbs you can rely on: varieties are selected based on growing demands, and growing and delivering the best bulbs is what we do