The name Biondly is a combination of the words biologic, the Dutch term for “organic,” and friendly. Organic, because these gladioli are grown in accordance with SKAL standards, meaning without chemical fertilizers or crop protection; friendly, because Biondly gladioli have a wonderful balance.

Helping shape the future
We’ve found that SKAL cultivation adds considerable value, not only for our customers but for the future of our cultivation practice as well. Only a few of our varieties are strong enough for this type of cultivation, and insights from the practice inform our decision-making process in breeding. Even though the yield is considerably lower than that of regular cultivation, we’re determined to keep exploring and developing. After all, our Biondly cultivation helps make our regular gladioli cultivation more sustainable.

If you’re a fan of Biondly gladioli, it naturally follows that you’re a friend to bees and insects, too! This gladiolus will help you create an even more colorful and diverse ecosystem in your garden.

  • Biologic: grown in accordance with SKAL standards – no chemical crop protection or fertilizers used
  • Sustainable: helping to shape the future of gladioli cultivation through minimized use of raw materials
  • Carefully grown: grown with even more craftsmanship and attention to detail