Pickem was named for how well this variety lends itself to picking. As radiant as gladioli are in your garden, they also add a lovely decorative touch to your home! And imagine gifting gladioli from your garden to your friends and family. Talk about a winning present!

Special selection
Pickem varieties are exceptional types of gladioli, preferred by growers – and you can see why. Not only is this gladiolus a great choice for flower cultivation, but it also offers a long and luxurious vase life.

Summer of gladioli
Do you want to enjoy your Pickem gladioli all summer long? You can! Start planting the first round of bulbs as soon as the ground has thawed. Then plant more bulbs every 3 to 4 weeks and you will have flowering gladioli all summer long! Time your last planting moment around 3 months before the average daytime temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius.

  • Pick your own: pick your gladioli and enjoy them in the garden as well as in your home all summer long
  • Full summer of flowers: by planting in stages and combining early and late varieties, you’ll have a summer full of flowers
  • A nice gift: there’s no better gift than a bunch of gladioli straight from your garden