Planting gladioli bulbs: when is the right time?

Published on 08-02-2024

The perfect time to plant your gladioli depends largely on the conditions of your local climate, particularly when it comes to the temperature. So how does that work exactly? Read on to learn more.

Plant gladioli after the last frost

Gladioli don’t do well with frosty soil, so avoid planting them when it’s freezing. In most countries in Europe, you can plant gladioli from mid-March. The average gladiolus will bloom 3 to 4 months after planting. That means that the ones you plant in spring will bloom in early summer.

You can stagger your planting dates to lengthen the blooming period and enjoy your gladioli flowers for longer. Feel free to plant your last batch of gladioli bulbs in June. That will give you blooming flowers throughout September, and maybe even into October.

Keep an eye on the temperature

When determining when to plant, keep an eye on the average temperature during the day. Your best planting moment should be timed about 3.5 months before average daytime temperatures drop below 12 degrees Celsius. In Northwest Europe, this means that June or July are the last months you’ll want to plant.

However, in the parts of Iran that have a moderate climate and winters which aren’t too cold, planting gladioli in the fall (September through November) can prove ideal. In this case, the bulbs have plenty of time to establish and they’ll bloom in spring.

In short: Plant your gladioli after the last frost and until about 3.5 months before average daytime temperatures drop below 12 degrees Celsius.


Can you keep gladioli indoors?

Sure you can, in a vase! Plant them in your garden and cut them once they’ve reached the perfect flowering stage, so you can enjoy them in your home. It’s a double win!

Planting gladioli in a pot and attempting to grow them indoors, however, is not exactly a recipe for success. You’ll get the best results from fertile, well-draining soil, like sandy soil. Gladioli don’t like wet feet! It’s also important to leave enough space between the corms so the air can circulate around the plants. And don’t forget that gladioli need direct sunlight almost all day. So if you're looking to enjoy your gladioli indoors, the vase is definitely the way to go!

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