How to plant gladioli bulbs?

Published on 15-02-2024

Originally from South Africa, the gladiolus has caught on in many parts of the world over the centuries thanks to its attractive flowers and easy cultivation. This colorful, proud summer bloomer is a must-have in your summer garden! Read on to discover some of our golden rules for planting gladioli.

How deep to plant gladioli

The ideal depth for planting gladioli is about 8 to 10 cm under the surface – not much deeper or it may keep them from blooming. Plant the gladioli 10 to 15 cm apart, so that the leaves have plenty of room to unfold and get the maximum amount of energy from sunlight.

Our golden rule: Are you having trouble determining how deep to plant your bulbs and how much space to leave between them? Make a fist. Next, try to plant your gladioli as deep as the size of your fist. And make sure you leave a fist’s width of space between them. You’ll get it right every time!

Where should I put my gladioli?

A gladiolus can grow practically in any location, but they do like as much light as they can get. So it’s always best to plant your gladioli in places with plenty of light – from the sun or otherwise.

Did you know that the gladiolus’ flower is not in the bulb itself? Gladioli don’t establish their flower until the 3rd or 4th leaf unfolds. That’s the prime moment to give your gladiolus as much light as possible, so it has enough energy to grow a beautiful spike of flowers.


Which type of soil suits gladioli best?

You’ll get the best results from fertile, well-draining soil, like sandy soil. That’s also why using a flowerpot wouldn’t be our first choice. Are you set on a pot? Then make sure excess water can drain easily through holes in the bottom. Gladioli don’t like wet feet!

Don’t plant in the same spot year after year, or the soil will become depleted. You’ll also run a greater risk of intermingling due to the small cormels that gladioli produce.

Want to know more?

Stick to our golden rules and you’ll plant your gladioli in the right way and in the right spot. If you need more tips and tricks, check out our blog posts Planting gladioli: when is the right time? and Enjoying your gladioli for as long as possible.

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