Forever: a candy store of colors and varieties

Published on 03-10-2023

At Forever, we develop, select, and breed all our own varieties of gladiolus. Just name a color, shape, look, or specific feature – you can bet we have a gladiolus in our range that meets your needs. We offer over 200 different varieties at the moment, and we’re busier than ever developing new ones. One of the main criteria we use for our gladioli is the right proportions when it comes to the spike and the leaves. Gladioli used to consist of about 30% spike and 70% stem, but we’ve bred all varieties for a radically different look. Our varieties boast a spike percentage of a whopping 50 to 70% and shorter leaves. For cut-flower varieties, this is a must, but these bulbs are also offered in the form of dry sales. A win-win situation!
By Johan Roelandt and Jaap Houwer, Sales

Because we carry so many varieties, colors, looks, and shapes, we can imagine you can’t see the forest for the trees when it comes to our assortment. So let us help you on your way! Remember, our online catalog is a great tool to start your personal search for the perfect gladiolus. And below, you’ll find a short introduction of the product groups we sell, so you can better target your purchasing.

Flamencos – A unique wavy flower shape (cut-flower sales)
Our Flamencos immediately set themselves apart by their striking shape. The flowers have wavy edges and exceptionally sturdy petals. They combine elegance with rousing Flamenco vibes and colors. In the Flamencos product line you’ll find a wide array of different varieties. 

Bordiolus – A short border gladiolus (dry sales)
Our Bordiolus line consists of varieties with a height of 60 to 90 cm tall. They’re a lot more compact than they average gladiolus. With their wide array of colors and shapes, Bordiolus is perfect for any type of garden. We develop new varieties in this product group every year. Learn more.

Pickem – Perfect for picking (dry sales)
The Pickem line was named for how well this variety lends itself to picking. Not only are these gladioli used in professional flower cultivation, but they also offer a long and luxurious vase life. This allows consumers to pick the best quality gladioli straight from their garden, to decorate their home or gift to friends or family. 

Biondly – Grown in accordance with SKAL (dry sales)
The varieties in the Biondly product group are grown organically, in accordance with SKAL standards. This means no chemical fertilizer or crop protection is used in the cultivation of these varieties. We take the lessons we learn from our organic cultivation and apply them to our regular gladioli cultivation, so we can reduce the amount of crop protection we have to use. Learn more.

Floreals – The very best quality (cut-flower sales)
These varieties have been bred to meet the most stringent criteria in the industry. The Floreals are unique because of their compact height of 110 to 130 cm. A minimum of 50% of the stems is made up of spike and short leaves. Floreals are available in all colors. They have an amazing shelf life and vase life, hold up wonderfully in cold stores, and are resistant to diseases in the field. The Floreals are the absolute showpieces of our cultivation and are the product of over 30 years of breeding. 

Multicoloros – A festival of colors (dry sales and cut-flower sales)
The varieties in the Multicoloros group are some of the liveliest we have in our range. They vary in color from soft and subtle combinations to bold contrasts. We offer this variety in the form of dry sales as well as for cut-flower cultivation. Multicoloros are selected based on growers’ demands. That means these are varieties and bulbs you can rely on.

Specialicious – Special shapes and color combinations (dry sales)
This group includes varieties that are special because of their colors, color combinations, or flower shapes. It’s a truly different breed line in the market. To us, these forward-thinking varieties are the seeds of future product lines. Learn more.

Gigantus – XXL-sized flowers that command the attention (dry sales)
As their name implies, these gladioli boast extra-large flowers. When our gladioli bloomed in our show garden in 2022, we decided to go out into the field and measure the flowers. That’s how we discovered that some varieties produced much larger flowers. We started developing just those varieties, which has resulted in our Gigantus line. Their flowers measure at least 16 cm in size, with at least 20 enormous flowers on one stem. These are true eye-catchers! 

Gladdies – Shorter-stemmed gladioli for perfect bouquets (cut-flower sales)
These gladioli are of a compact size and especially convenient as cut flowers. At 60 to 80 cm tall, they are perfect for any vase or bouquet. Thanks to stems that are considerably shorter than your average gladiolus, the handling and logistics cost of these varieties is a lot lower. Learn more.

Hopefully, the above has given you an indication of the product groups we have to offer. Visit our online catalog to navigate our varieties and product groups easily, so you can find the gladiolus that’s perfect for you. Of course, feel free to contact us at any time if you need more information. Have fun!